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Karla presented LIVE at the TEDx UpperWestSide Event in New York City on April 26, 2016


Listen to this exciting and highly engaging interview with Business Innovators Magazine. Karla shares how she utilizes her expertise in the 4 quadrant personality methodology to produce more effective interactions and collaborations in the workplace.

Karla Brandau, Certified Speaking Professional, has taken her infectious enthusiasm for life and her extraordinary expertise, to audiences all across America and internationally from Korea to Portugal.

For more than 25 years, she has delighted audiences and exceeded expectations as she customizes her messages for conference themes and audience needs. She is adept at adding follow-up training programs to a keynote and has products that participants take home with them as gifts, giving individuals a total professional growth experience.

Karla is a resource for:


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Comprehensive Corporate Culture

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The content areas listed below contain critical principles for building a corporate culture of collaboration, achievement, and discretionary effort that enable your company to grasp 21st century opportunities. Click on each tab and evaluate how the content, delivered as keynotes and workshops, can improve your leadership skills and your corporate culture. These programs are especially applicable to build the leadership skills of Generation X and Millennials.

Charismatic LeadershipResults Driven TeamsVirtual TeamsTime ManagementiExpect SuccessKeynotes

Become a Charismatic Leader

To any worker, you as their immediate manager or supervisor are the entire company to them. If they respect you, they will be contribute to the success of the company. If they don’t respect you, they will leave, taking their intellectual property with them. Workplace Power programs and executive coaching sessions help you become a charismatic and confident manager that employees WANT to follow, not HAVE to follow.

A charismatic leader is an individual who is emotionally intelligent, mature, a good listener, fair, thoughtful, organized, trustworthy and can use humor appropriately — to list just a few of the characteristics our leadership programs teach.

Practice the Charismatic Leader principles and you will become compelling leader with the capacity to inspire and earn the discretionary effort of the people you manage. In addition to personal qualities that make you a standout in your company, our programs teach you how to:

  • Build collaborative teams whether co-located or virtual
  • Have easy and effortless difficult conversations as needed
  • Use facilitation skills to arrive at successful decisions
  • Make teams innovative and competitive

Get more information…Charismatic Leadership

Leadership Keynotes: Six Steps to Confidence and Charisma and Diamond Elements and Dynamic Leadership

Blog Posts to Build Leadership Skills: The 2 x 2 Focus Grid and Eliminate Emotional Baggage

Results Driven Teams


rdt (3) cropped for web siteWe enter this world egocentric and totally consumed by our personal needs making the term “team player” a learned skill.

As a team leader your goal is to provide guidance, instruction, and strategic direction for the team, enabling your team members to become team players and to align with company goals and achieve agreed upon key results. 

Your role as a results driven team leader includes helping team members work together in a collaborative environment and spirit to achieve common goals while supporting each other with their complementary skills and experience.

The Results Driven Teams course helps you hone your managerial and leadership skills as you teach team members how to be team players. The program enables you to lead your team members to success, garnering for yourself and your team members,company wide recognition. The program also has training modules explicitly for your teams which are delivered as in-house programs or as retreats. 

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Critical team building programs: See Others With 20/20 Vision and Easy and Effortless Difficult Conversations

Mega-activity perfect for an annual retreat: Working for the Soaring Design Research Center

Virtual Team Success

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Virtual teams are proliferating in companies with employees often working on more than one virtual team. If you are a virtual team leader, congratulations because we believe virtual teams need the most experienced managers and we offer special training to help keep teams focused, engaged meeting their deadlines and performing at exceptional levels.

By bringing the Workplace Power training to your company, you will learn how to:

  • Coach and mentor virtual team members through the challenges of working at home
  • Monitor personal productivity when you can’t look them in the eye
  • Organize virtual meetings that hold attention and build camaraderie
  • Escalate the discretionary effort of each employee
  • Use facilitation skills to overcome conflict and move decisions forward

Read more…Vibrant Virtual Teams

Keynote: Magic Blueprint for Virtual Teams

Critical team building programs: See Others With 20/20 Vision and Easy and Effortless Difficult Conversations

Mega-activity perfect for an annual retreat: Working for the Soaring Design Research Center

Improve Your Productivity and Quit Work On Time

Whether you work in an office building or virtually out of a home office, it is important to plan your work and work hard then QUIT work on time and enjoy your personal life. The Time For Results programs teach you how to focus and control your work flow while STOPPING the floundering, interruptions, and procrastination.  The Time For Results programs are filled with tips, tricks and solid techniques to get more done in less time.

Learn more about the Time For Results course offerings by clicking on these links:

With these dynamic programs you’ll have More Day at the End of Your Day…guaranteed! 

Keynote.  Live by the 20/20 rule, not the 80/20 Rule

Private Coaching Available. Do you need targeted, specific time management strategies to handle your management workload? Then call 770-923-0883 and ask about our private executive coaching sessions.

No-Excuse Personal Development

No-Excuse personal development means no whining even when daily living is full of conflict, misunderstandings, and self-doubt. A wise man once said the no misfortune is so bad that whining about it won’t make it worse.

You need constant reminders to keep your eye on the goal and infuse positive messages into your psychic on a daily basis. These iExpect Success programs help you stop the downward spiral toward discouragement and depression and keep the spiral of achievement and success going up.

Personal competence and individual excellence is an important component of your personal brand and your organizational success. The iExpect Success professional development programs are designed to build you into a confident and emotionally intelligent person who will excel in your company.

Keynotes and workshops include:Expect Success collage

Programs are based on Karla’s Book: Wake Up The Winner Inside which is available for purchase for audience members.

February is International Expect Success Month!

Expect Success MonthSponsor a Expect Success Event at your company or government agency and be pleased with the increase of morale, positive attitudes and productivity. For more information, click here or call 770-923-0883. It pays to plan ahead – start NOW for next February!

Hire An Experienced Professional!

Architect power point slide v02As  keynote speaker, Karla spread infectious enthusiasm for life and excels in audience engagement techniques. Words used to describe Karla include: “Highly professional!” “Loved her personal anecdotes.” “Just perfect for our group!” “Real Help, not just Theory!”

Through thorough research of your audience members, Karla’s keynotes are carefully crafted to please your audience. When you need a speaker who is entertaining and energizing, Karla is the perfect choice. She is easy to work with and from start to finish makes you, the meeting planner, look good.

Popular topics: “Happiness at Work: Is it possible?” “What’s Important in Life?” “Expect Success…Then Work As If There Is No Other Option.”

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Your one-stop shop for dynamic corporate programs …

As you reinvent, rethink and redesign your company for the 21st Century, bring Workplace Power Institute into the loop.

Workplace Power Institute (WPI) will customize the programs below to fit your culture and reinforce on-site learning with virtual training accessed in a private web space.

WPI’s signature program is Leadership by Superior Relationships yet delivers popular stand alone topics. Those topics include:

  • Building Charismatic Leaders
  • Increasing discretionary effort
  • Keeping virtual teams on track
  • Improving the success of difficult conversations
  • Using successful facilitation skills
  • Making creativity a daily exercise to increase innovation

Read more about these popular offerings.

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Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

A ‘must have’ speaker for your next meeting, conference or retreat …

Karla Brandau is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), an earned designation given by National Speakers Association. As a keynote speaker, Karla crafts CSPmedalionamazing messages for your audiences. Popular topics include:

  • Harmonize Your Life – Tackling life balance issues
  • The Producer’s Mindset – Improving personal productivity
  • Expect Success – Living your life with positive expectation
  • Rise Above Your Competition – Creativity, change and innovation
  • Six Steps to Confidence and Charisma – Build a powerful peronal persona
  • Let’s Talk Leadership – Be the leader people choose to follow

Read more about Karla’s Keynotes

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Registered Corporate Coach (RCC)

Working for your success and helping you excel …

As a transformational coach, Karla Brandau helps you put all the pieces of career success together. She helps you balance the wheels of life from personal growth to leadership ability and has an intuitive way of helping you see amazing options and alternatives when you run into road blocks.

wabc_onlineEach person Karla coaches finds increased job stability, movement up the often static career ladder of success, and greater personal satisfaction.

She is a Registered Corporate Coach, a designation given by the World Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

She has successfully coached high potentials and managers at at ADP, Intelligent Switchgear (a division of Caterpillar/Eaton), Coca-Cola, and Dekalb Medical Center.

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Leadership, Time Management & Speaking clients include:

Karla’s new book, written with Douglas Ross, is coming soon!

Cover for DEL v3Discretionary effort is described as the difference between the level of effort, creativity and problem solving one is capable of  bringing to a task and the effort required to get by, make do, and still receive a paycheck.

Discretionary Effort Leadership explores five management strategies that will EARN you the commitment and energy from employees. They will become your competitive advantage.

See the value in creating a worldwide discretionary effort initiative in your company.

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Learn more here.

Executive Order: Use Behavioral Sciences to Better Serve Americans

Whitehouse Executive OrderOn September 15, 2015 President Obama issued an Executive Order asking government agencies to utilize the behavioral sciences to better serve Americans. For over 20 years I have trained in government circles on how understanding 4-quadrant personalities can improve leadership and teams, how to improve communication, how to build better teams, and how to avoid a toxic workplace.

Read the Executive Order here and call Workplace Power Institute at 770-923-0883 for a complimentary consultation.

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Assessments are an important part of Karla’s coaching and class room instruction.

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