News Release: Charismatic Public Speaker Fills the Need for Inspiration and Resilience After Covid-19 Restrictions Ease

Atlanta, Georgia – Karla Brandau, an engaging, entertaining, and educational speaker on leadership after Covid-19, is delighted to announce that demand for her motivational speeches and executive retreats, which has been steady through Covid-19 as virtual engagements, is now taking off as live events as restrictions are easing.

Whether your company is gingerly returning to the office, still working from home, or “betwixt and between”, Karla Brandau can inspire your employees, work with you to give them a sense of renewed purpose while giving them definite actions to take to improve their resilience and belief in the future.

Conversations abound in boardrooms, executive suites and in a myriad of articles on how what our new workplace will look like, what will we stop doing, what will we continue doing, and what will we start doing? Karla Brandau can help you with these dilemmas and deliver a winning strategy and action plan for increasing leadership impact and building camaraderie.

Her leadership book is “How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort.” It is a holistic look at building social acceptance, psychological safety, inclusion, and rational alignment in your organization enabling you to proactively emerge from the restrictions and constraints of the past year. She has also written “Wake Up the Winner Inside,” a book about personal resilience.

Karla Brandau spreads infectious enthusiasm for life. For more information about Karla Brandau and the services she provides, visit her website at

To book a presentation on her already busy calendar for 2021, contact her through her website or call 770-923-0883.

Company Name: Karla Brandau, CEO Brandau Power Institute

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Phone: 1-770-923-0883

City: Atlanta

State: Georgia