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Karla Brandau reverses decade’s old information on balancing life

 September 20 (Atlanta, GA) Is there chaos in your personal life? Have you tried time management tools, stress techniques and mind-over-matter?  Are you doing the best balancing act you can and still experiencing mental and emotional pain? These were all questions Karla Brandau asked the attendees at the Women in Green conference in San Antonio on Fiesta night when she spoke on September 19.

“Forget balance and drop out of your juggling class,” Brandau, president of Workplace Power Institute, told the women at their 18th annual event. “Your life is too complex for traditional methods.  The key to a happy life,” says Brandau, “is to harmonize daily demands, not just try to schedule more stuff.”

“Dissonance, or mental and emotional pain, occurs when you do not do what you value deep inside. And deep inside you have three dominant needs: to do productive work, to develop your skills and talents, and to build a support group of family and friends,” according to Brandau.

Balancing life, the traditional answer to a harried lifestyle, implies only two elements, typically interpreted as work and home.  It also implies the teeter-totter effect: one will be up and one will be down. “I never want my work up and my home life down, or vice versa,” says Brandau. “And balancing leaves no room for ME!”

Using simple music principles, Brandau gave sections of the audience different tones and had them harmonize on a chord to illustrate how harmonizing their lives can include many elements, not just work and family.

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