Broken Things and Breakthroughs

This quote spoke to me: We all have broken things. Perhaps it is the grace by which we handle them that helps us through.

Breakdowns in all areas of life are inevitable. Equipment breaks. Software programs get bugs, viruses and become outdated. Belongings wear out. I could list more, but your mind is probably generating specific broken things in your life. Reality shows that strategies for handling the daily stress of broken things are put on the back burner as we experience mental and emotional pain.

I propose that if you look at broken things and breakdowns with the attitude of grace you can find breakthroughs. With the attitude of grace and labeling broken things as inconveniences, the old cliche is true: When one door closes another door opens. Broken things force you to let go of the past and change strategies that are not working.

There are moments of frustration, discouragement, and even pain when something breaks.  As you move with grace from the broken to breakthrough, there is always an uncomfortable learning curve and loss of output but new open doors and increased levels of achievement are rewarding.

For instance, if your equipment breaks, you find the money to purchase new and are pleased with the expanded features the old machine did not have. When your software program goes haywire, you dig deep into your pockets and reluctantly purchase the new upgrade. After the struggle  of learning the new features, you are delighted with the shortcuts and possibilities the software offers.

A couple of years ago, my web site was hacked with the most horrible pictures of death and destruction. I was furious but fuming did nothing. I turned it over to a web company and a couple of months later had a beautiful new site that was much better than the original, outdated site. A broken thing turned into a breakthrough.

On the personal side, after several years of living in our home our front porch was falling down due to faulty construction. When the carpenter gave me a quote to replace our porch, I choked, but I found the money and now the front porch is stunning!

As we handle breakdowns with grace, breakthroughs occur. May your breakthroughs be as spectacular as this picture illustrates.

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Karla Brandau is the CEO of Workplace Power Institute and is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and the author of “Wake Up The Winner Inside.”

She is available for keynotes and workshops on personal and professional growth.  She is the coauthor with Douglas Ross of the new book, “How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort” which is a treatise on moving from a manager to a leader. Learn more at

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