The Charismatic Leader Eliminates Cultural Gaffes

In today’s world of multicultural workers and global companies, it is not uncommon to be speaking with a person from another country and wonder why you are not getting through to them or why it appears you offended them.

In today’s world, the charismatic leader focused on superior relationships knows that success is about influence and the impact you can have on another person. Success as a manager is to influence the person to follow you because they choose to follow you, not because they have to follow you because you are their boss.

This fact makes the art of influence extremely important and offending someone because of your ignorance of cultural customs is something you as a conscientious leader and a team member can avoid.

I was so impressed with this video my friend, Anne Egros, posted that I am re-posting it here. Produced by the Peace Corps, it acts out simple things we do in our American culture and why that simple, honest act on our part may be offensive to another culture.

Enjoy this YouTube video:

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