Karla Brandau presented the keynote session, “Outlook on Steroids Webinar

“comments from the Produce Marketing Association staff that attended the Outlook on Steroids webinar: ”

It was awesome. I will need to look at it again, because there was so much amazing information. I would give it a 5 out of 5.

I got some good tips from it. Some I’d heard and welcomed the reminder/reinforcement.

Margi Prueitt
Executive Director | PMA Senior Vice President

I listened to your course, "All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go." I really learned a lot. You know how to explain things to real life situations. I'm a new legal office manager and face many different situations every day. 

Karen G
Office Manager

Karla Brandau presented the keynote session, “Living Your Life With Positive Expectation,” for our Administrative Day Conference held at the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education. Karla was very easy to work with, and she was very concerned that her presentation be responsive to the needs of the audience. She ensured that her session was educational and inspiring but also a fun and interactive learning experience for the participants.

Karla’s evaluation scores for her presentation were very good, and she received great reviews as demonstrated by the following comments in response to the question, “What did you like best about the conference?”

The keynote speaker was awesome. After listening to her, I felt positive and invigorated. I bought both of her books.

The speaker at the opening session.

The opening session. It was amazing.

The main speaker was very lively, which set the tone for the whole thing.

We were very pleased with the many positive comments and requests for Karla to return, and we hope to have her present again at an upcoming Administrative Professionals Day Conference. I highly recommend Karla to anyone who has a need for an inspirational keynote session.

Venus Stone
Program Coordinator, Administrative Professionals Day Conference, University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education

I would definitely recommend Karla for personal coaching. Karla was a pleasure working with over the past few months. I will truly miss our sessions.

From day one of being a coachee I have had a wonderful experience. I feel I have grown not only as a stronger manager but also as an individual. Karla has guided me through challenging situations that all managers are faced with each day. Having an outsider to speak to definitely helps to neutralize a situation. When I started by coaching sessions with Karla, I was very overwhelmed with the responsibilities I was facing each day. After I did some assessments of my personality type she was able to help me understand why I feel the way I do at times versus other people I come in contract with. This was a huge eye opener for me. I am amazed how accurate the results are from these assessments. Karla is full of great ideas for my team. I cannot wait to be able to use more of her helpful hints in furture situations. Being able to discuss openly with her all of my “challenges” I realize they are not challenges at all! They are opportunities to help me grow into a leader of this organization. I cannot thank Karla enough for the time she spent with me.

Patricia Williams

I had a fantastic coaching experience with Karla as my personal coach and I would definitely recommend Karla for personal coaching. I have already informed by director, manager and peers about the experience and have received their feedback. I met with them after my first session and met with them again in the end and they could see the improvements. This has been a truly a fantastic experience.

So far, I have seen remarkable improvements as I am now aware of how I communicated and now I try not to over-articulate as well as I am always repaired with my 6 bullets to ensure that I stay on task. The above areas have been weaknesses of mine and it is very timely that I have had this opportunity to work with a coach that is so patient and allows me to turn my flaws into some highlights as I work on constantly improving my self. I enjoyed the sessions as the interactions helped me to convey my flaws knowing that I was being coached by someone who is very knowledgeable, thoughtful and patient. Thank you Karla for a fantastic experience.

Joelle Williams

I personally benefited from my personal coaching experience. Karla was responsive to what I wanted to work on, she had a knowledge and skills to help me and she definitely helped me in reaching my goals. Through one of the most challenging times in my career, she has been an important resource for me. I would highly recommend Karla Brandau as a coach.

Karla was very attentive. She focused on what was important to me and spent time on discussing how to achieve those action items from the sessions. I was able to create a strategic plan that focused on our topics. In every session, she ensured that she followed up on what was previously discussed. The tools used were extremely helpful. I received valuable input from the assessments she administered and helped me identify common themes and opportunities within my own personal developments. I particularly liked the listening assessment which helped identify strengths, opportunities, and assess how I can improve my listening skills. The feedback she has given me has reinforced what I am hearing internally about the changes I need to make in order to take my career to the next level. She helped me become more attentive to the elements of communication and management of situations that I could control and change. The end results allowed me to become a more effective leader, coach, and mentor in my organization. Karla challenged me in the areas I needed to address and guided me to move and grow beyond those obstacles. Her ability to ask insightful questions and get at the heart of the problems allows you to grow quickly. She is always upbeat and willing to listen and guide me towards a more positive direction. Karla was my biggest fan/supporter. She helped me discover ideas that will have the most impact on my personal development.

Sondra James

It is my great honor to recommend Karla Brandau as a personal coach.  Over the past several months, Karla has worked closely with me, assessing professional aspects of my life, evaluating results, determining changes for success, as well as guiding me with the implementation of best practices for success.

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Robyn Rivers

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