I have often wondered about the components of self-esteem. In my search for higher self-esteem, I had an “Ah-Ha” moment when I realized that every time I conquered something or had a monumental task and finished it, my self-esteem went up. So, self-esteem comes from competence! Therefore, it is not “easy street” that is important but the development of skills equal to challenges.

As I have experienced and observed, it is more through the traits of perseverance and determination that we achieve as opposed to raw or developed talent. The question becomes, “How much do you want it?”

As I have watched sports events throughout the years, I frequently hear sports commentators muse, “They wanted it more and that’s why they won.” In other wards, one team had more determination and more perseverance, thus they won the contest.

We are in a contest with economic forces beyond our control but the same principles apply. I will only win if I dig down deep inside and find the determination and the perseverance to streamline and focus my efforts so I win the contest against time and the economy. What is your choice?

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