What makes you jump for joy and feel triumphant?

The sale of the century? Winning a heated argument? Turning an angry cusomter around? Making the right management decision? Getting your dream house at the price you bid?

Yes, yes, yes…all of these things would all make me jump for joy.

For those seeking greater competence, however, there are other components in living a well executed day. My idea of a well-executed day means that I am conscious of my time management plan, but I use common sense, letting the day flow, and answering the needs of the people around me.

A well executed day means that I closed out my day satisfied that I completed the most important tasks, made an ambitious plan for tomorrow’s work and reconciled myself to the fact that only when I am permanently planted will my task list be finished.

For me, the icing on the cake of a well executed day is connecting with the people I love. Just knowing that my family has been out in the world, driving the highways, and have all returned home safely is enough to make me jump for joy. I’m sure you feel the same way.

If you ever feel incompetent, evaluate yourself by the components of a well-executed day, not by the number of tasks not checked off. Chances are you can jump for joy.

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