Discretionary Effort – The best gift you can receive from your employees.

Each day when an employee walks in the office door and starts work or begins work from a remote location, that employee makes a choice whether or not to give discretionary effort. Discretionary effort is the difference between the level of effort, creativity and problem solving one is capable of bringing to a task versus the effort required to just get by or make do and still receive a paycheck.

Praise for The Gift

“Upon reading How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort, I instantly applied the principles to a real life scenario. After only reading the first chapter, I excitedly shared the Power Principle with a colleague who immediately applied it to an employee issue. Thie book is on-point and provides realistic tips and practices for everyday encounters. Enjoy!
~ Anquilla Henderson

Programs and Workshops

Based on the book, How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort, we offer workshops of varying lengths to fit the needs of your management team.

The Earn the Gift Management Certificate is a full training program that teaches managers five leadership levels they can use to rightfully earn the gift of discretionary effort from employees on a regular basis. The application of discretionary effort principles engages the intellect, heart and soul of employees and moves them from minimal effort to amazing contributions.

When a discretionary effort initiative is implemented in your organization, superior customer service, innovation, and a competitive edge in the marketplace are the benefits.

How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort chronicles the new work order that is emerging based on a continuous change cycle in the nature of organizational life and the expectations of the workforce.

Revolutions in technology, growth in globalization, endless business mergers and unavoidable marketplace fragmentation have fundamentally changed the nature of organizations.

Simultaneously a workforce has emerged that is more educated, mobile, diverse and discerning in work and life choices than ever before. Whatever was left of the old industrial age social contract between employer and employee has been torched by the recession and the race to information age profitability.

Questions for the 21st century are: What will be the dynamics of the social contract? How much discretionary effort will employees give and what will organizations do to earn that discretionary effort?

When you contract for a Discretionary Effort Leadership development program from Brandau Power Institute, your leadership team gets timely answers to the questions above and they learn 21st century engagement techniques that earn discretionary effort from employees.

The answers are focused in the implementation of a Discretionary Effort Leadership initiative and can be facilitated in a four-day workshop or in a 10-month coaching program.

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