Ego + Humility = Charismatic Leader – Really?

Ego plus humility equals a charismatic leader sounds like an oxymoron. However it is true. To be a charismatic leader you need to have a healthy ego tempered by humility.

This means that even though you are not formally enrolled in a learning program, you are a pupil, or you have the humility to learn. You gather information from as many different sources as possible. The data you collect makes you competent to be the guru with the ability to set policy and direction for your stewardship within the company.

Ego + Humility = a Charismatic Leader~Karla Brandau

Lack of ego makes you wimpy and employees won’t take you serious. But a healthy ego gives you a compelling confidence, making it possible for you to make tough decisions, demonstrate calm determination and sift through negative feedback to find the kernels of truth. A healthy ego values personal self-worth and places high value on the self-worth of everyone they interface with whether in business or personal settings.

A person with a healthy ego even treats with respect those who are of no use at the immediate moment.

An unhealthy ego or an excessive ego glorifies the self, leads with pride and often arrogance, is indifferent to the needs and feelings of others and can display a temper in tough situations. Normal humans working for such a person subconsciously try to humble such an intimidating manager. Tactics to humble an overbearing or arrogant manager include reserving creative ideas, refusing to disclose solutions to nagging problems, gossiping on the company grapevine, and missing deadlines.

Humility is often viewed as low self-esteem, making it impossible to value your own skills. With the right amount of humility you have the ability to listen to others, evaluate opinions, and when necessary be self-critical.

Individuals with a healthy ego reject dictatorial attitudes and actions. They resist boasting while giving others credit and turning the spotlight on team members. They have the unique ability to admit what they contributed to the problem or when they may have been wrong.

A healthy ego reject dictatorial attitudes and actions ` Karla Brandau

A person with a healthy ego plus a healthy dose of humility has the ability to respect the worth of all persons and knows they must ask colleagues, coworkers and team members for their opinions. Getting ideas and information from a variety of people is critical because of the laser speed of our marketplace. No one person regardless of the size of their ego can have all the answers.

Humility keeps you curious about others’ opinions and recognizes that a successful business requires the information in everyone’s head to make the right decisions that move the entire company forward into the future.

In summary, you need express humility and be a pupil first. The pupil learns, evaluates and examines. When you have enough information, you synthesize what you have gathered, become the guru by using your ego to make a great decision. Others will be attracted to your charismatic leadership.

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