Do you want to get the competitive edge in your professional life?
Then learn more about Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be aware of your emotions, control your emotions, while becoming aware of others emotions and judicially conversing with them in ways that improve interpersonal relationships. 

When combined with the DISC and Driving Forces information, Emotional Intelligence savvy is the icing on the cake of personal and professional success. 
Emotional Intelligence involves understanding your INTRA-PERSONAL self and your INTER-PERSONAL relationships.

These areas are assessed as you learn to be more emotionally intelligent: 

  1. Self-awareness. The area of self-awareness is concerned with self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-confidence, and assessments you make on a daily basis about your self-worth.
  2. Self-Management. When working to improve self-management, you will be looking at your assertiveness, your self-discipline and self-control, your trustworthiness, your problem-solving abilities, your ability to be adaptable when necessary and your ability to live on the positive side of life.
  3. Motivation. What kind of drive do you have? Do you take initiative? What energizes you? Are you resilient? Do you have passion and drive. All of these topics are covered as you learn about your personal emotional intelligence.
  4. Social Awareness. When you are socially aware, you take social responsibility, you are more tolerant and empathetic, and you increase your ability to communicate and build rapport one-on-one with others.
  5. Relationship Management. Do you want better teamwork and collaboration on your team? Then increase the emotional intelligence of team members. Emotional intelligence skills help you manage conflict and influence the behaviors of others. 


Complimentary Assessment

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These three sciences give you incredible insights into your personality and how others view you. The information gives tips to improve your interpersonal connections. 

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