Discover Your Uniqueness

Are you a professional seeking a promotion in a company or looking for a new opportunity? To garner that promotion or new opportunity, you must be equal to the task. It is important to identify your personal strengths and talents. As you assess your professional growth and what position you want to aim for, it is helpful to evaluate several areas of life. Those areas include your:
1- Mix of feminine and masculine traits
2- Mix of right brain and left brain characteristics
3- DISC personality profile
4- Driving Forces or hidden motivators
5- Life experience

As you evaluate your innate strengths in light of the categories above, you will realize your uniqueness. Understanding these qualities helps you create a strong and powerful personal brand. Your discoveries help you advocate for yourself and your talents. Said another way, with self-knowledge you are better equipped to toot your own horn. No one else will do it for you. 

Perhaps the most important part of this evaluation is that is helps you know where the gaps are between where you are now and where you would like to be, enabling you to make plans for the development of new skills to make you equal to the task of a promotion or a new position. 

Learn more about your uniqueness by downloading the PDF below.

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