If you know something needs to change, and you’re just not quite sure what – I can help you.

If you have a leadership challenge, or employees who are not inspired to give their best – I can help you. If workplace productivity is at a snail’s pace when you know you have competent employees – I can help you.

You need powerful results in employee engagement, charismatic leadership, and workplace productivity – I can help you.

I would be happy to spend time with you for a complimentary consultation. For over 20 years I have been working hand-in-hand with world-class organizations to improve organizational performance. Through this experience I have learned strategies & techniques that generate extraordinary results. I invite you to contact me now so I can put my expertise to work for you. I can help sophisticated managers invent new ways to solve new 21st Century problems.

Build Engagement and Earn Discretionary Effort

Karla is a tireless cheerleader for Charismatic Leadership. She has trained 100’s of high-level managers in the skills and secrets of earning the gift of discretionary effort and being the leader people WANT to follow.

Be On Top of Your Time

Using time wisely is one of the most IMPORTANT leadership skills. Karla offers exceptional time management training that measurably increases ORGANIZATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY.

Understand Your DISC Profile

Take giant steps in your professional development and leadership career by learning about your innate strengths that give you charisma and your blind spots that may be slowing your professional progress. This “no-excuse professional development” builds your SELF-RELIANCE AND PERSONAL CONFIDENCE.


As a result of working together to achieve greater organizational effectiveness, our clients gain expertise in leadership, communication skills, influence abilities, and employee motivation techniques. Our techniques put your leaders, managers, and supervisors in the enviable position of building employees who are accountable and solve problems as they contribute at the highest levels to economic sustainability. Ask about our customized programs for team building and professional growth.  Call us! 770.923.0883

When you hire Karla, you can expect:

  • Creativity in presenting sometimes tough, left-brain strategic concepts in a right-brain, entertaining way.
  • Customization to your industry and organization.
  • Options in content. Karla is an expert at listening to your needs and then helping you pick modules from her areas of expertise that customizes your leadership and team building programs.

Easy to work with, Karla will go the extra mile to please the hiring manager and leave employees wanting more.

“Karla did more than just provide my company with the customer service training we requested. She went above and beyond that call. Karla customized the training to align perfectly with our needs. The training segment where we focused on the different personalities of all employees in the department really hit home. Her training impacted our department positively and left a lasting impression, internally and externally.”

Let the expert in workplace productivity help you build a more productive workforce.

We'd love to speak with you directly. Call 770-923-0883 or fill out the form below and we'll connect very soon.