Tactical Time Management Tips: The Most Important Task

How do I identify my number one task on any given day – the most important task for me to be doing at this moment in time?  Use these time management planning skills and you’ll know what to do when.

1. Make a task list for tomorrow, today…before leaving work.

2. Evaluate tasks/projects left unfinished today.

3. Assess the urgency level and the deadline dates associated with tasks or projects.

4. Identify the task with the highest urgency or the closest deadline, i.e. must be done by Noon!

5. Break that task down into steps that can be done in 10-minute increments.

6. Decide which task will get to be #1 tomorrow morning.

7. Enter the #1 task into your Tasks View in Microsoft Outlook or at a specific time slot on your calendar.

8. Find any files associated with this task and lay them in the center of your desk or in a file for easy access on your computer.

9. Be disciplined: start on that #1 task when you walk through your office door.

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