As a keynote speaker, Karla spreads infectious enthusiasm for life and excels in audience engagement techniques. Words used to describe Karla include: “Highly professional!” “Loved her personal anecdotes.” “Just perfect for our group!” “Real Help, not just Theory!”

Through thorough research of your audience members, Karla’s keynotes are carefully crafted to please your audience. When you need a speaker who is entertaining and energizing, Karla is the perfect keynote choice. She is easy to work with and from start to finish makes you, the meeting planner, look good.

Below are topic areas that can have the title and content customized to your specific meeting and audience configuration.

Build Resilience and Camaraderie

Whether your company is returning to the office, still working from home, or “betwixt and between”, Karla Brandau can inspire your employees and work with you to give them a sense of renewed purpose. She promotes definite actions to take to improve decrease stress and improving resilience. 

When building resilience, popular questions leaders ask are “What can we do to bounce back from the challenges we have had in the past year?” “What should we CONTINUE doing?” “What should we STOP doing?” “What should we START doing?” Karla can help you with these dilemmas and deliver winning strategies and action plans for increasing leadership impact and building camaraderie. 

Be the Leader People CHOOSE to Follow, not HAVE to Follow…

…because of your place on the organizational chart!

Charisma, confidence, and optimism are important traits that help you be the leader people CHOOSE to follow, not HAVE to follow because you are the boss. This presentation helps you develop your charisma and gravitas while overcoming self-limiting doubts.  You’ll get strategies for extending empathy, communicating for greater impact, and engaging employees in problem-solving and collaborative ways. 

Get The Edge – Become a Discretionary Effort Leader

This leadership keynote is focused on the touch points between the leader and individuals they manage. and interact with on a daily basis. It is mind-stimulating content that gives 3 instantly implementable thought patterns that change the negative to problem-solving positives. This is paired with Karla’s new executive leadership book, How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort. The keynote can be customized for Millennials as they move into leadership positions.

Harmonize Your Life

The heavy demands of 21st century work makes it easy to be caught in the middle of the competing elements of life and to experience mental and emotional distress. When experiencing the pressures of balancing life, many turn to the traditional concept of balance. Balance has only two dimensions and implies that the two dimensions are work and home. Will work and home ever be equal? Do you want work up and home life down? Then forget balance and drop out of your juggling class. Using musical concepts, this keynotes transforms your daily experience by teaching you how to harmonize all the elements of life.

See Others With 20/20 Vision

When you react in predictable ways, do you wonder why? Do you ever feel like you are a stranger to yourself? Do you wonder why you can easily relate to some co-workers and why it seems impossible to have a civil conversation with others?  This keynote, Seeing Others with 20/20 Vision, answers these questions and helps you evaluate your personal behaviors and others’ behaviors from a variety of perceptions and viewing points. You learn to value the diversity of personality on your team while building skills to make subtle changes in your behaviors, enabling you to expand your personal influence and leadership abilities. (Often paired with DISC assessments.)

Live Life with Positive Expectation

Expect Success and in a magical, mystical way, success will come to you. This keynote expresses Karla’s deeply held convictions from growing up on a farm in Idaho to building her own business in Atlanta, Georgia. As a breast cancer survivor, she knows that life is filled with “inconveniences” and combining positive expectation with action is the only way to triumph over the challenges inherent in the human experience. This keynote puts you on the path to living an exceptional life.

"I just did the course on “How to Maintain a Positive Attitude No Matter the Situation.” It was excellent, and I truly enjoyed it."
~ Elizabeth Z.

Live by the 20/20 Rule, Not the 20/80 Rule

A popular rule is the 20/80 rule meaning that only 20% of the things you do every day brings you the results you want and need in life. In this keynote, Karla helps you break that rule and establish as part of your daily routine her proprietary principle, the 20/20 rule, bringing you immediate mental and emotional relief as well as extreme productivity. Let Karla delight your audience with her anecdotes, tips and techniques.

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