Leaders They Love is a professional development coaching program built on the concept that you only have one person to lead: Yourself. As you gain expertise in leadership skills, you model exceptional behaviors and your direct reports follow your example as they work to fit into the culture you create. 

The program includes improving emotional intelligence and communication skills and gives managers a significant boost in climbing the ladder of leadership success while building morale among team members and focusing the team on goals, objectives and the successful completion of projects.  

Phase One: Assessments

The proper assessments and insightful debriefs are critical to professional growth. The assessments included with the coaching package include the following:  

Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence or EQ, is more important to your career success than IQ. IQ is set while a youth but EQ can improve every day of your life. 

The EQ-i that is part of this coaching package is used around the world to give individuals a comprehensive look into their inner workings in 5 areas: Self-perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal Relationships, Decision Making and Stress Management. The debrief of the 15 subscales gives you insight into how to balance the scales and how to achieve new levels of emotional intelligence.

The EQ-i 2.0 assessment helps individuals focus on improving a specific skills that underlie broader leadership competencies. It is the perfect building block to reaching leadership potential.

360 Degree Assessment. The 360-Degree assessment is a multi-rater feedback process where you receive anonymous feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports. It is a valuable tool to help you discover how others relate to you and feel about your emotional intelligence and your leadership style. 

With the information provided by the assessment, you can drive your own development. The instrument provides a  unique opportunity to uncover areas that may need development by highlighting gaps in awareness, knowledge and skills that can be valuable to a professional communication and leadership growth plan. 

In a 350-degree, you take the assessment and where gaps exist between what the managers, direct reports and peers say, the gap is addressed. If desired, clients or customers can give feedback. 

When your self-appraisal is compared to the feedback from others, a course for professional growth is set. 

TriMetrix DISC, Driving Forces and DNA. This assessment includes three sciences: DISC (Behaviors others can observe, Driving Forces, (Hidden Motivators that drive an individual to act but cannot be seen by others) and DNA (skills and competencies gained over your career). 

Most people are somewhat familiar with the DISC model. When combined with the Driving Forces, great power is given you to understand your entire self. With just the DISC model, you are often left wondering why you acted the way you did.  The answer may be found in the Driving Forces. Often the Driving Forces will  reinforce the DISC model, but at times, it contradicts the DISC model, answering the question, “Why did I act that way?”

The DNA or skills you have gained over your life time include 25 aptitudes such as self-management, negotiation, customer service, teamwork, diplomacy, decision making, etc. 

With this information you can intelligently ask for training that builds skills in the areas that are not well-developed. 

Phase Two: Personal Leadership and Communication Coaching

Phase One is normally a 3-month process to give time to internalize the concepts and adjust mindsets. If a 360-Degree is administered, the process is 4 months. 

After the assessment process, Phase Two is critical to the implementation of what is learned in Phase One.

If Phase One is completed without the personal coaching package, what is uncovered in the TriMetrix Assessment, the 360-Degree Assessment, and the Emotional Intelligence Assessment may be dismissed, forgotten, or swept under the rug.

The power of Phase Two six-months of professional leadership and communication coaching and reinforcement is systematic spaced review of concepts and skills. Systematic spaced review puts knowledge into long-term memory and turns knowledge into positive actions in the present.

Behaviors are changed and gaps discovered in the TriMetrix assessment, the 360-Degree assessment, and the Emotional Intelligence assessment, are explored, discussed, and the gaps are closed. The number of coaching sessions is decided upon need but are normally every two weeks for six to twelve months and are conducted via telephone or videoconference. These sessions reinforce the learning from the assessments and help individuals develop skills such as:  

  • Executive presence
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Body language power
  • Credibility with dominant personalities
  • Succinct language skills
The choice of subject covered is your personal choice. 

Complimentary Consultation

For a complimentary consultation, call Karla at 770-923-0883, email her at Karla@KarlaBrandau.com, or book a time slot at www.Calendly.com/KarlaBrandau