Professional Changes: Tune Up Your Engine

When your car is sputtering and stalling it is easy to open the hood, look around, check the oil, wiggle a few belts, check some connections and proclaim “It’s beyond me.”

Our economy is sputtering and stalling and most people don’t have the foggiest idea of what to do. Instead of loudly proclaiming “It’s beyond me,” become the mechanic. Pull your team of professionals together and run the diagnostics needed to tune up your organizational engine.

Explore solutions to symptoms such as:

  • What product or service might need to be jettisoned?
  • Is there a new product we could launch with minimal effort?
  • Can we find new ways to cut costs?
  • How can we reward our employees for their loyalty?
  • What would increase morale?
  • Can we use Web 2.0 techniques in a productive way?
  • What would make life easier for our sales team?

What you are looking for are minor changes that can make major differences in the way your engine runs. The crisis of the economy is pushing us to modernize, cut obsolete products and practices, and readjust organizational vision while realigning purpose and employees. This process is the bright side of what is happening in every organization in the world today.



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