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Learn to check off personal tasks and ensure team productivity by strengthening time management principles and expanding the use of Microsoft Outlook.

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It is no secret that businesses are politely “asking,” aka, demanding employees at all levels increase their time management skills and produce more in less time. For managers and supervisors, this means they must  complete more on their task list PLUS manage employees for increased productivity. 

It is impossible to create more hours in the day. You can, however, maximize the hours you spend working by internalizing time management principles, using technology to your advantage and modeling improved productivity techniques for your employees.

Manage the Chaos, Bedlam and Pandemonium

 With the principles taught in this program, you will leave work on time or quit work on time if working remotely, with the quiet calmness that you are prepared for the next day. Why? Because this program delivers real help, not just theory or fluff.  You will be given the power to: 
  • Prioritize and focus on the completion of tasks
  • Reach your SMAAARRT goals 
  • Handle interruptions from email to humans
  • Organize your daily workflow
  • Solve vital vs. urgent dilemmas
  • Leverage discretionary time
  • Manage energy cycles and the ebb and flow of the the day
  • Overcome mental fatigue 
  • Stop procrastinating
Internalize the principles in this program and you’ll produce more in less time with decreased stress levels and more work-life balance.

Microsoft Outlook on Steroids  

This program works in tandem with Manage the Chaos and is offered as a live workshop or as virtual training. The workshop is a wealth of Microsoft Outlook knowledge, tips, and techniques that can be used immediately to improve productivity.  The skills you learn will help you prioritize tasks, track productivity, organize your calendar and for managers or team leads, delegate with little used Outlook features.

In addition to infusing the time management principles from Manage the Chaos into Microsoft Outlook, this workshop teaches you how to: 

  • Use the Calendar in Outlook in innovative ways
  • Use Tasks folder to organize projects
  • Understand how to distinguish the To-Do List, the Task List, and the To-Do Bar 
  • Use the Tasks Detailed View in tasks to stay up-to-date on project progress
  • Triage email and clear your Inbox
  • Speed up email processing with Quick Steps and Quick Parts
  • Delegate with built in follow up and results
  • Rationally align employees with company/department/unit goals
  • Prepare for tomorrow with the COED technique

… And much, much more. All of the techniques taught in the program use HUMAN relationship skills AND technology as strategies to improve productivity.  The training can include OneNote.

When purchasing the Mange the Chaos and Outlook on Steroids together, you get phenomenal time management results. 

In a recent workshop a senior engineer was ecstatic that the techniques taught would save him at least 4 hours a week. After another workshop, as president of a large contracting firm and an avid smartphone and Outlook user, stated that the information taught would save him 3-5 hours a week as well. He wanted everyone in his company to have the training and coaching.

Hands On Instruction

The instruction is presented in your company training room or in a conference room with everyone working from their laptops. The modules can also be delivered as webinars. Whether live or via webinar, participants customize their Outlook and their planning process while improving their execution, producing a disciplined process of time management principles to increase productivity and work flow.

“From the principles and procedures of this program, I save 4 hours each week, making my work time more effective.” – Ed Louie, Motorola “I really appreciate the seminar on Time Management and Microsoft Outlook. I am using some of the tricks you presented every day. It has saved me a couple of hours per week.” - Don Rasmussen, Nortel Networks


E-Book: 101 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals

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