This morning I read a post on that spoke to what mentally tough entrepreneurs DON’T do. You may not consider yourself an entrepreneur, but these 13 “never do” points originally compiled by Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker originally shared in LifeHack, are critical for anyone who wants to live a life above the ordinary negativity of daily ups and downs.

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My interpretations are:

  • Look to the future, don’t dwell in the past – You are a new person every morning with an open door of opportunity to live a different life than you lived yesterday.
  • Give up believing you are entitled to success – Every human deserves success but success cannot not be given to you. You must earn it.
  • Use your energy on events and people you can control – Focus on things you CAN control, not people or events you can’t control. That means letting go the misunderstanding in the meeting yesterday, forgiving the person who slighted you in the hall last week, and accepting that your idea for the new design was not chosen by your team mates. It means focusing on what you can control: yourself, your attitudes and opinions.
  • Learn from your mistakes – If you don’t learn from your attitudes, you will keep repeating them, creating a downward spiral of emotions and belief that you won’t succeed, can’t succeed, or are not worthy of success. A mistake is merely a learning opportunity.
  • Success is a journey – In our world of microwaves and fast food, we often expect success to come at the same speed. Success is a journey. When I read about the great opera singer, Beverly Sills, I loved her take on success. She said that some people considered her an overnight success but if so, it was the longest night in eternity. Then she proceeded to list every opera script and lyrics she had memorized and how many roles she had played before she was a top billing singer. The key is to enjoy the journey.

For your convenience, I have taken Amy Morin’s points and put them in a PDF you can print out and post in your office or give to team members who may be feeling sorry for their plight today.

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