Frustrated with Microsoft Outlook? Was it installed and you were left on your own to figure it out?

No more frustration, just extreme productivity when you hire me to teach you the features of Microsoft Outlook AND the benefits of those features from a time management perspective.

“Thanks a million times over! I am going through my inbox now for work. Your suggestions and format changes in my inbox were so amazing! Thank you!”

Paige S. 

Being a time management junkie for my entire life — I always tried to find faster ways of doing things from showering to sorting the mail. When I found the wonder of the digital world, I was  hooked. No more written to-do lists for me.

I have taught time management and Microsoft Outlook for over 16 years and have 21st century time management tips tucked into each training as we navigate through the folders: the Inbox, the Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes.

As your personal coach, I can help you:

  • Use all of Microsoft Outlook, not just email and meetings, or only 15% of Microsoft Outlook
  • Customize your Outlook to your personality and your job functions
  • Discover new features and benefits that will save you time
  • Finish every project on time with the use of Tasks, Calendar entries, and reminders

And so much more. Make a list of what you would like to know and call me at 770-923-0883. Coaching can be done in person or virtually.

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