Personal Productivity: Too Wired? Too Reachable? Too Productive?

All of our technology gadgets give us great boosts to our productivity. Or do they?

Well, yes and no. When your goal is to be accessible and reachable at a moment’s notice, then yes…your cell, laptop, Blackberry, and any other wireless technology tool you can find achieves that purpose. These electronic gadgets let your customers, clients, and colleagues reach you anytime and any place provided you don’t let your batteries run down. When they reach you, you can solve their problems and deliver excellent customer service.

However, if your goal is to increase productivity, the answer may be no. Why? Personal productivity is a complex issue. If you are constantly accessible with little down time, you are headed for burnout. True productivity relies on a well rested body. Just research how many hours pilots can fly per month and you get a sense of how important proper rest and relaxation are to a flawless performance…and we definitely do want a pilot’s performance to be error free!

You are only productive to the point that you can maintain your emotional health. When you start to feel burned out, you need some downtime. Don’t answer your cellphone or check your e-mail on your Blackberry. Whoever is calling you will think you are talking to someone else (or you surely would have taken their call). Those who e-mail you will have to wait patiently (or unpatiently) for you to return their e-mail.

Your quality of life will improve and you will be more focused and productive during your work hours.

Did you research the number of hours a pilot flies in one month? It is 70-80 hours. Wouldn’t that number be nice applied to corporate jobs?

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