Personal Resiliency to Withstand External Stress

The daily news is filled with external stressors: slipping financial markets, war, terrorism, increased gas and food prices to name a just a few. Added to normal life pressures, these external stressors can increase the emotional tension you feel at work and at home. If you’re experiencing elevated stress levels, here are just a few quick tips to increase your resiliency to stressors whether external or internal. Practice these tips and you’ll be feeling much better and less stressed in no time:

· Get some exercise during your breaks at work. Just the simple act of changing your environment for a few moments, whether it be walking around the building or a quick shopping trip, can be enough to reduce your immediate stress.

· Watch your diet. Don’t feed your stress by consuming candy, sugary coffee drinks, or other snacks. You’ll get a quick rush that makes you feel good for awhile, but by the middle of the afternoon, you’ll probably be tired or more stressed. Snack on fruit or chopped veggies instead.

· Prioritize your time. Keep a list of tasks and cross them off as they’re completed. Don’t feel shy about delegating projects to others if you have more work than you can handle.

· Vent your frustrations. Use your spouse, mother, or close friend as a ‘sounding board’ – it will feel good to get it all off your chest.

· Unplug yourself. Turn off the cell, put the computer in ‘sleep’ mode and relax. Check your email and messages less often. Practice deep breathing exercises to help you relax.

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