Positive Attitude: Personal Renewable Resources and Your Work Environment

The pain of being held hostage by the fossil fuel industry (which at some point in the future will be depleted!), has me thinking about how I can take advantage of renewable natural resources.

The thought of ultimate depletion brings a frantic and helpless attitude to the person who believes the world can provide for our energy needs only through resources that will eventually run out. Depression is a natural by-product.

Optimism comes when you understand that the sun, wind, and water are true friends. Every morning they are available, ready to be put to work for our benefit.

I believe these renewable resources also provide a lesson for our work environment. When your work day is over and you are ready to head home, it is easy to be depleted with the irritations and problems inherent with ANY company fighting to stay in the black, or ANY director struggling to run an efficient agency or division.

You will prove a valuable asset to your organization if you can show up to work every morning with renewed energy to tackle the challenges. Here are three ways your use of renewable resources can raise the energy level of your office on a daily basis:
1. The Wind. Let the wind blow away the myriad of your annoyances so team members can collaborate, solve problems, and innovate.
2. The Sun. Let the sun warm your interpersonal relationships so enthusiasm and optimism can grow, spread, and flourish.
3. The Water. Just like the tides relentlessly beat against the shore, you also can relentlessly “stick to it” until your task or project is successfully completed.
And ultimately, forgiveness, trust, and achievement are natural by-products of your renewable attitude that can have a major effect on your colleagues and employees.

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