Professional Growth: UNdoing Habits to Start Doing

Did you realize that you often have to UNdo something before you can start doing in new directions?

Today I was thinking about new directions for my company and was in a state of pondering about how the last few months have made me rethink every piece of my business.
Almost absentmindedly, I reached over and opened the quote book I compiled, Empowering Thoughts. The soft purple pages seemed to fall open to just the right quote: “What you have done to create where you are, can be undone to create where you want to go.”
Wow! I was on automatic pilot today, doing marketing and sales in a rote way — based on what worked 2 years ago. I have to undo those sales and marketing habits to enable myself to start in new directions, to start doing the right things to be competitive in the 21st Century.
I’m planning my “UNdo’s” right now!

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