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Outlook on Steroids Intense Training Offered

Atlanta, Georgia (January 11, 2012)  Do you need to do more in less time? If so you are have something in common with millions of other people throughout the world. Fortunately, help is available with Workplace Power Institute’s Outlook on Steroids intense training on time management and Microsoft Outlook.

With the dawn of 2012 and the economic recession still taking its toll on businesses throughout the world, time management skills are critical to personal and organizational success. As the demands of jobs and clients heighten, the days and hours in which to accommodate requests are declining at the speed of light. If there were ever a time management course needed to manage the demands of a hectic schedule, a growing list of client demands, and a rigorous activities calendar that time is now.

Creator of the course, Karla Brandau, CEO of Workplace Power Institute, is an expert in time management skills (www.TimeforResults.com) and in the Microsoft Outlook software having taught thousands of people from entrepreneurs to Motorola employees to be more productive. The in-house course teaches tips and techniques to increase the return on investment of the Microsoft Outlook software and help employees leave the office at the end of the day with energy and time left for their personal lives. Her 100-page Microsoft Outlook reference manual, Have More Day at the End of Your Day, is included with the 4-hours of instruction.

Most business people spend a considerable amount of time organizing and planning their workday. By tapping into the time-saving techniques and methods Brandau illustrates in this time management course, a significant amount of time can be shaved off workloads, giving individuals more time to tackle the tough issues and knock out projects.

“Guys, this was an excellent class. The key difference to this class from any other time management class I have taken is that it is centered around a tool we all use, Outlook,” said a pleased Jeff Merchant of Nortel Networks, Detroit, Michigan.

Grant Hayes of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio had this to say about Brandau’s techniques, “Karla is a great speaker. She is able to make a complex subject, [Microsoft Outlook] relatively simple.”

For more information on the transformational benefits of this training visit www.TimeForResults.com or call Workplace Power Institute  at 770-923-0883.

About Karla Brandau

As speaker, trainer and author, Karla Brandau is a time management and Microsoft Outlook guru and a leading authority on leadership for a productive workforce. With over 20 years of experience, she has been described as “A wealth of information” who provides “real help, not theory” to improve, enhance & energize your professional skills. Karla is a Certified Speaking Professional, an earned designation given by the National Speakers Association, and the author of the time management and Microsoft Outlook reference manual Have More Day At the End of Your Day. For more information, call 770-923-0883.

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