Stress Management and the Holidays

My Christmas stress management tips are simple. As you have undoubtedly experienced in the past, this time of year produces unique stress tied to the decision making process.

How much time do you spend deciding to trim your yard in multi-colored lights or just white lights? How much emotional distress have you experienced trying to decide whether to send hand signed and personally stamped Christmas cards or pick your favorite e-card where snow falls and lights twinkle, blasting it immediately to your entire distribution list? Do you waste precious minutes standing in front of the cooler in the grocery store wondering which your guests would prefer, Eggnog or Boiled Custard?

To handle these little dilemmas, remember these rules:
1. In matters of little consequence, decide quickly. Multi-colored light or white lights both serve the purpose of lighting up your yard.
2. If there is a sentimental reason for hand-stamped Christmas cards, send them. They will probably be lovingly opened and reread.
3. Buy both Eggnog and Boiled Custard and let your guests choose.

Making a choice quickly on small decisions that have little long-term consequence frees your energy to enjoy the wondrous sights, sounds, and excitement of the season.

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