Comprehensive instruction for busy professionals to increase productivity and survive email overload

Reclaim valuable time lost processing email! Stop being overwhelmed with too many emails in your Inbox! Come up for air!

Let Email Survival Skills help you handle the deluge of email dumping into your Inbox every day with one of the programs  described  below. 

Employees learn the time management benefits of Outlook features  and are given creative ways to decrease the time it takes to process email. Both the Email Etiquette and the Email Image programs include Outlook features.

Read the descriptions below, then give us a call and we’ll customize the program to your specifications.  

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Outlook Techniques for Surviving Email

Personal control over the inbox will seem easy with information on little known Microsoft Outlook shortcuts and advanced tips for:

  • Using click and drag techniques between the Inbox and other Outlook folders
  • Automating email sorting so “Do Now’s” and “Do Soon’s” are not lost
  • Uncluttering the Inbox so it is not a holding place for “Waiting for …”
  • Routing incoming emails to appropriate folders
  • Establishing group email lists
  • Organizing with color
  • Using the rules wizard
  • Taking advantage of Quick Steps
  • Reducing the time it takes to process email messages

Outlook techniques are demonstrated and participants are given a comprehensive handout for quick reference after the program.

Email Etiquette

Email etiquette is discussed inside and out, upside and down. What is written in email is a permanent record of your conversation, therefore this module delivers tips on what to do and what not to do in emails.  In addition, participants will learn how to:

  •  Write meaningful subject lines
  • Format emails with a clear beginning, middle and end
  • Compose emails that save reading time for others
  • Reduce the number of incoming messages
  • Spend less time writing responses
  • Retain clarity in multi-threaded discussions
  • Respond to sensitive vs. nonsensitive messages
After this instruction, participants will have the tools to save time as they receive and return emails.

Email and Image

Just as people read your spirit when you talk face-to-face, they read your spirit in the emails you send. It is critical that your emails produce the results you want whether that is action or influence on attitudes and opinions. In this module participants learn how to:
  • Say negative things in a positive way
  • Create rapport with customers and team members
  • Deal with upset customers or team members
  • Take care to be clear with pronouns, concepts, and places
  • Tidy up sloppy grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Use abbreviations and emoticons when appropriate
  • Use succinct language
  • Ask clear questions

Benefits of Training: The value of this training is immediate as participants start processing their email and cleaning up their Inbox. They have the tools to survive email overload.

“Internalize the principles in this program and you’ll no longer rush to your computer to clean out emails between meetings or interrupt your vacation to read email just so your email doesn’t bury you!”

Karla Quoted


Karla was quoted in an article on the Comidor site entitled Strategies to be a Mail Box Champion. 

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