Looking for a unique gift that is certain to please that special someone in your life? Or that hard-to-please person? Or the person who has everything?

Choose one of Karla Brandau’s personalized, one-on-one coaching programs.

The customized and tailored attention Karla gives to each coaching session is sure to please your: Executive Spouse, Father, Mother, Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Manager or Colleague

…It even makes a great gift for yourself!

The coaching makes you the leader with a good plan and the inspiration to get your team to execute the plan. 

Karla Brandau is a Registered Corporate Coach and the author of two 21st century leadership books, How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort and The Leadership of One.

These coaching sessions are designed for the person who wants to get ahead both professionally and personally. By purchasing one of the private coaching sessions below, you are helping someone you care about reach their dreams, become more competent, reduce their stress and make their work days more productive.

You could give them a training class, but in a class it is often hard to get your questions answered as you are competing for the trainer’s time with the others in the program. With this one-on-one coaching you are GUARANTEED questions will be answered and solutions to nagging problems identified.

The person who receives one of the gifts below will become more efficient and effective in personal planning and execution as well as becoming more influential and persuasive with team members, direct reports, and colleagues.

Plus, when they are operating optimally… you may actually get more time with them because they’ll be more productive, less stressed and happier when they are away from work!

It’s a win-win and an incredibly loving gift to give. Either coaching session will keep on giving, not just the entire year, but for a life-time as what is learned, is learned.

Each package includes a shipped gift card and certificate for you to present. Can be shipped worldwide.

The Charismatic Leader: Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort

A 3-hour coaching session on how to become a more confident and charismatic leader with increased intuition on solutions when faced with tough circumstances.

Charisma is that quality that makes people want to be around you and follow you. You have natural charismatic components to your personality but there are many techniques you can learn that will make you a more charismatic leader. This coaching session teaches you how to enhance those qualities and gives you the edge among other managers. Plus when workers choose to follow you, they are more loyal, trustworthy, routinely go the second mile and give discretionary effort on a regular if not daily basis.

Coaching points include identifying the:

  • Components of charisma
  • Personal, innate gifts and qualities that make you charismatic
  • Charismatic leadership qualities
  • Actions that move employees from minimal effort to amazing contributions
  • Touch points with employees that build loyalty

Once these concepts are learned, they provide lifetime benefits.

The coaching session includes two books, How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort and The Leadership of One, plus a Human Behavior Depuzzler personality assessment.

3-hour coaching session
Delivered via video conferencing and is scheduled at the convenience of the receiver. 

The purchase goes through PayPal. Once at PayPal you may check out as a guest with any major credit card.

Outlook on Steroids: Use Technology to Manage Employees for Increased Productivity

A 3-hour coaching session for that person in your life who wants to get ahead professionally and personally and would love to be more organized…not all twisted up with tasks.

Outlook on Steroids infuses time management principles into the tool of Microsoft Outlook for huge productivity gains. With this coaching you can catapult your career while you leave work on time with little known Outlook tips and techniques. In this coaching session we’ll answer all of your questions about Outlook and cover the:

  • Plethora of ways the Outlook folders interact
  • Secrets to surviving avalanche email
  • How to use the project management features of Tasks
  • Benefits of plotting your workflow in the Calendar
  • File Tab and how to set your personal preferences
  • Make Outlook a programming tool
  • Ways to customize Outlook for your job and your personality 

PLUS you’ll get a tutorial on little known features such as Quick Parts, Quick Steps and the Quick Access Toolbar

Includes a visual guide for your version of Microsoft Outlook – 2010, 2013, or 2016 – and can be demonstrated in your active version. 

3-hour coaching session
Delivered via video conferencing and scheduled at the convenience of the receiver. 

The purchase goes through PayPal. Once at PayPal you may check out as a guest with any major credit card.

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