Jim Halsey was fascinating in the interview I watched this morning. Halsey is a veteran music manager and agent having discovered and promoted stars such as Reba McEntire, Roy Clark, The Oakridge Boys and The Judds. After 60 years in business, his new book, Starmaker, touts three steps to stardom. In the interview I heard, Halsey said:

1. Design a plan. Get your yellow pad and write down where you want to go.
2. Build a team. Surround yourself with good people.
3. Stay focused. Don’t stray from your plan.

Then Halsey stated an obvious truth: “There are probably 500 to 600 books out there that tell you how to be a success. They will all tell you the same thing: Success comes down to these three easy steps.”

It jogged my memory of success principles even though I might argue that they are not as easy as Halsey made it sound. I do find it interesting that whether you want to be a movie star, a rock star or the best manager in the organization, the principles are the same.

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