Excellent time management is one of the most profitable skills you can master!

“I am sending this email to thank you for such a wonderful class.  I have taken many classes here at WMATA (over my 17 years +) and this was by far one of the best, most insightful classes thus far.”

~ Shikeara J.
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

When Karla was in the seventh grade, she had a to-do list tattooed on her forehead, so teaching time management skills is one of her natural talents.

Karla’s time management training is a expert blend of time management principles, and time management theory as well as practical, tactical advice for getting more done in less time every day of your life. When you follow the principles in her time management signature course, Manage the Chaos, Pandemonium, and Bedlam you get results plus!

“Thank you for real help, not theory!”

Handling multiple assignments and demands while still meeting the needs of customers, clients and team members is a challenge. Even the most organized can feel overwhelmed by workloads which seem impossible, days that feel chaotic, and relationships that need attention.  Manage The Chaos!  By using Time for ResultsTM proprietary principles, participants are taught the process for improving results in all areas of their lives.

After this instruction, you’ll be on time, on target, and complete more tasks than you ever thought possible…all without using sticky notes for reminders!

“Productivity transformation entails nothing less than reassessing priorities, building the producer’s mind set and determining daily goals for personal production.”

The key benefits of this time management and productivity program are increased:

  • Power to prioritize and focus on production
  • Ability to handle interruptions from email to humans
  • Skill in conducting effective virtual meetings
  • Knowledge of features in Microsoft Outlook that save time

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