ATLANTA, GA – (January 15, 2019) “To make this your best year yet, use the power of positive expectation,” says Karla Brandau, CEO of Workplace Power Institute and creator of International Expect Success Month. International Expect Success Month runs the entire month of February during which Brandau encourages success-oriented people to implement this creed: “Expect Success, then work like there is no other option.”

Brandau states that people don’t succeed because they don’t expect to succeed. “For instance,” Brandau says, “If an athletic team didn’t expect to win, it would never take the playing field. In a like manner, you should go to work with the attitude that you will make it a successful day and that you will be able to handle whatever blocks or problems come your way. Never go to work expecting to get into an argument with someone or expecting to have crises that blow your day away. Why? Because expectation becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Brandau has written a book, Wake Up The Winner Inside, that teaches several strategies to implement her “Expect Success” philosophy. One of the strategies involves encouraging people to rid themselves of negative thoughts such as: “There is no way I’ll get that project done on time,” or “I know I won’t make quota.”

“I’ve never seen a study,” Brandau says, “but I’d like to see figures on the hours of precious time that is wasted each day because of negative attitudes and discouragement. I’ll bet it is at least 2 hours–that’s nearly 1/3 of your focused working time. Therefore, to use the power of positive expectation to create a winning lifestyle, rid yourself of a pessimistic attitude.”

By using this simple strategy, Brandau states that you’ll be filled with determination to succeed, thus filling your mind and body with energy. At this point, it makes good sense to get started on the project’s paperwork or pick up the phone and make that first sales call for the day, as your mind will be generating creative and innovative thoughts on how to be successful.

Brandau says that if people would use this simple technique, they can take their lives to new levels, both personally and professionally.

This personal philosophy has helped Brandau be successful in her entrepreneurial business of helping organizations improve the bottom line by making the people and profit connection. She claims as her clients 9 of the Fortune 100 companies.

For more information and strategies on how to make this year your most successful year yet by letting the power of positive expectation work for you contact: Karla Brandau at or call 770-923-0883.

About Karla Brandau

As speaker, trainer and author, Karla Brandau is a leading authority on leadership for a productive workforce. With over 20 years of experience, she has been described as “a wealth of information” who provides “real help, not theory” to improve, enhance & energize leadership in an organization. Karla is a Certified Speaking Professional, an earned designation given by the National Speakers Association. Her book Wake Up The Winner Inside can be ordered by calling 770-923-0883 or by visiting Amazon.

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