Innovation: Total Team Brain Power

Customized creativity and innovation training for teams

To ensure a brilliant future, engage the brains of every team member 

 The need for innovation focuses a team on the critical work of staying relevant in the marketplace. When the creative brain power of the team is maximized, innovation occurs and teams produce uncommon results.” ~Karla Brandau

Complimentary Preview Coming on September 5, 2013
9:00 to 10:30 a.m.
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Are your cutting edge products or services becoming dull? Are your innovative marketing techniques in a tail spin? Are your customers eyeing other providers?

If so, you are experiencing the how the pace of business is accelerating. Organizations are moving at unprecedented speeds, requiring an extraordinary need for new sales strategies, improved products and expanded services.

In light of these rapid business changes, organizations are acknowledging that they need to fundamentally alter their approach to creativity, innovation and change management.

Register for your free ticket below.

Organizations have also discovered that creativity and innovation often are hiding in the deep recesses of team members’ brains. This program helps organizations create an environment where team members bring ideas from the deep recesses of the brain into the daylight of innovation.

Through the information and exercises provided in the curriculum, team members discover new ways of viewing problems, new paradigms for tackling problems, and discern new and novel options to improve the operations and functioning of the company.

As this curriculum unfolds, team members realize that business creativity is not about just innovating new products and services to please the customer, it is about improving the efficiency of the organization.

As they experience this energizing and insightful program, team members build new skills that enable them to work together to:

  • Eliminate waste
  • Simplify processes
  • Identify opportunities to improve the way work is completed
  • Find fresh and innovative solutions to nagging production problems

The functioning of virtually every business team–whether in product design and development, sales and marketing, management and supervision, production and distribution, or customer service–can be enhanced by this program’s compelling innovation tools and principles.

Total Team Brain Power helps teams evaluate where they are now when it comes to using their creative powers and then increases their abilities to bring creativity to every facet of their work life.

Participants learn that all team members can be creative, as long as they have the right mindset, use the right tools, and implement a solid process.

The training is built upon a highly interactive framework and produces:

  • Breakthrough ideas
  • Lasting change
  • Unique discoveries

Attend a preview of Workplace Power Institute’s Total Team Brain Power.

Team members will learn how to engage the brain power of every team member in the innovation of better products, new services and more efficient ways to run the business.

Seating is limited. (Can’t see the form below? Click here.)


GA 400 north to exit 9, Haynes Bridge Road.Turn left on Haynes Bridge Road to left on Old Milton Parkway.Go ½ block and turn right on GA 9/S. Main Street.Go through 3 stop lights to Watercrest Village on right.The RERAcademy is in the Watercrest Village building on the right.

Map to RERA

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