I sat down to breakfast with the Wall Street Journal and found a replacement ratio for the 80/20 rule–the 10/90 rule. I scanned through a couple of articles on the front page and then started to thumb through the A section.

My eyes stopped on A7, a full page ad by Accenture showing Tiger Woods with his golf club in position but no sign of a ball. The ball is hidden in the tall, golden, dried grass of Autumn. Tiger’s face mirrors deep concern but determination as he looks toward the green where he intends to land his ball.

Next to Tiger is a vertical line with a marker at 10 percent accompanied by the words “what you did.” Above the 10 percent is a 90 percent and the words, “what you do next.” Did you see this ad, too?

Thanks, Accenture and Tiger for a great message. What you did in the past is insignificant to what you do next and what the future holds. What may have gone wrong yesterday is inconsequential beside today’s new start toward success.

To summarize the 10/90 rule? Ninety percent of success is what you do next. Are your next actions giving you a hole-in-one?

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