Develop Creative Employees That Innovate for More Profitable Revenue Streams

Staying competitive in a chaotic global marketplace requires constant attention to creativity and innovation skills. Those skills include knowledge of the:

  • Creative thinking process
  • Innovation strategies that produce results
  • Leadership techniques that encourage innovation
  • Group processes that facilitate innovation
  • Constraints that keep good ideas from becoming reality

The organization that masters these skills will create ongoing competitive  breakthroughs while confronting and solving problems before they become issues that stop productivity and growth.

Workplace Power Institute (WPI), Atlanta’s premier leadership development service provider, invites you to join liked-minded professionals across the globe and to learn how to rise above your competition by developing creative employees and innovative teams – the only way to ensure more profitable and diverse revenue streams.

You will learn how to:

  • Infuse creativity principles into your meetings to expand the thinking of employees
  • Focus the group process
  • Move from brainstorming to action
  • Use left brain and right brain thinkers at the appropriate times
  • Evaluate constraints that stop innovative ideas from developing
  • Be the leader that moves ideas to market innovation

With this instruction, your organization will have the tools and savvy to weave innovation into daily conversations. Every employee will consistently evaluate  ponder, assess products and services for effectiveness in the global marketplace, then recreate and reinvent on a regular basis. You organization that will remain competitive and viable in the 21st century global marketplace.

Register today for the FREE Webinar on April 17, 2013 at 11:30 EDT

Join with like-minded professionals around the world and sign up for this complimentary Webinar and get solid tips on creating an environment of innovation in  your organization.


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