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Develop creative employees and innovative teams for more profitable revenue streams

Atlanta, GA (March 26, 2013) Workplace Power Institute (WPI), Atlanta’s premier leadership development service provider, announces new programs to develop creative employees and innovative teams in organizations. Rise Above Your Competition, is a free lunch and learn webinar that trains managers to develop their employee’s creativity and innovation skills. The introductory program is April 17th at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Register at Rise Above Your Competition.

Seventeen-year-old Nick D’Aloisio just cashed in on his creative and innovative idea: Summly. Summly, a summarization technology that summarizes news stories and adapts them for mobile phones, was just purchased by Yahoo for $30 million dollars.

“Cultivating the creativity of teams is the only way for fast growing small and mid-size businesses to compete in the global economy and maintain profitable revenue streams,” says Karla Brandau, CEO of Workplace Power Institute.

Alan Dabbiere is the chair of Airwatch, a fast-growing mobile device management company in Atlanta, Georgia. He believes “you can’t be too controlling in these fast-growing businesses. You have to find creative people and give them the latitude to learn and grow and make decisions.” (See article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution http://www.ajc.com/news/business/theres-no-such-thing-as-a-bad-business/nWyxs/)

The innovation and creativity training programs previewed in Rise Above Your Competition, the upcoming Webinar from WPI, focus on the full range of skills, techniques, systems and leadership behaviors that release the creative potential of the organization’s people.

“The critical element for sustaining innovation in organizations is the ‘people’ side of the equation,” says Brandau. “No system will net you steady new revenue growth if your people are satisfied with the status quo and start every day with business as usual. If your people are not re-evaluating, recreating and reinventing every hour of the day, your business is petrifying.”

The Webinar, Rise Above Your Competition, will teach managers and leaders the skills to make creativity and innovation a daily habit, not a task to be checked off a to-do list as “done.” Managers and leaders dedicated to innovation can utilize the tools, techniques, and methods provided by WPI to keep their people’s creative brains functioning at their full innovative capacity, fundamentally transforming organizational results.

Register for this Webinar event at Rise Above Your Competition and access free resources at www.workplacepower.com/innovation. Complimentary consultations are also available by calling 770-923-0883 or emailing karla@workplacepower.com.

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