Outlook 2016 Pictorial Guide




Microsoft Outlook 2016 is a powerful, comprehensive software tool because it combines email, a calendar, a task list and contact records. This visual guide shows you the advanced features in Outlook 2016 and the benefits of those features from a time management viewpoint.

The goal is to make your professional life more productive and fulfilling as you gain the ability to get more done in less time using Microsoft Outlook 2016.  You’ll learn a logical flow of planning your day and executing tasks with built in follow-up. Follow the instruction and nothing will slip through the cracks as you keep assignments, tasks and projects on track.

You’ll learn how the Outlook folders are interrelated and how to customize the folders for your personality and workstyle. A big boost to your productivity is learning how to maneuver the To-Do Bar and Tasks as well as using the Calendar to plan the flow of your workday.

Let the advanced feature of Outlook be your partner in tackling 21st century work overload. Implement the principles and you’ll leave work on time!


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