The Charismatic Leader – 3-hr Session



A 3-hour coaching session on how to become a more charismatic leader.

Charisma is that quality that makes people want to be around you and follow you. You have natural charismatic components to your personality but there are many techniques you can learn that will make you a more charismatic leader. This coaching session teaches you how to enhance those qualities and gives you the edge among other managers. Plus when workers choose to follow you, they are more loyal, trustworthy, routinely go the second mile and give discretionary effort on a regular if not daily basis.

Coaching points include identifying the:

  • Components of charisma
  • Personal, innate gifts and qualities that make you charismatic
  • Charismatic leadership qualities
  • Actions that move employees from minimal effort to amazing contributions
  • Touch points with employees that build loyalty

Once these concepts are learned, they provide lifetime benefits.

The coaching session includes two books, How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort and The Leadership of One, plus a Human Behavior Depuzzler personality assessment.

Delivered via video conferencing and is scheduled at the convenience of the receiver.


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